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Bamboo Buffet

Spacious restaurant serving Chinese buffets with some American dishes, plus dim sum on weekends. Read More
2010 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20851, USA
(301) 279-6868
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Bamboo Buffet

Arthur Mantzouris
Local Guide ・89 reviews・5 photos

The food was really good. Their Lo mein is really good and their beef and broccoli is really good too. All fresh. And so many choices to choose from. They have Sushi towards the back, where you can pick from and all sorts of dishes, from shrimp to beef and broccoli to many other things to get, all good.

Eric Suh
Local Guide ・21 reviews

This restaurant is surprisingly very delicious for a buffet restaurant. Everything from the hot and sour soup, to the seafood, which was fresh and delicious. The wife really liked the crawfish and shrimp. They also have pho as part of the buffet. The price is also very reasonable…we paid around $35 for two adults and one child for lunch on Saturday. The wait staff is also excellent!


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    • Yonas

      IF YOU LIKE COCKROACH ON YOUR FOOD, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. I went to this place to have lunch with my wife and son around 2 pm on a weekday. I tried a few dishes, and the food was disgusting. I wanted to try their sushi, and when I got to the sushi bar, COCKROACH was running on the sushi. I told the man who was preparing the sushi, and he quickly removes the roach. I asked for the owner, and when I told him what I just saw, his response was, “IT’S OK, THIS IS A RESTAURANT, AND IT’S NORMAL TO FIND ROACHES IN RESTAURANTS.” Unfortunately, my wife grabbed a few sushi and ate two sushi before I was able to stop her from eating more. After I told her what I saw, my wife went to the restroom and vomited everything she ate. I told the owner, it was not OK to have COCKROACH running on the sushi and asked for my money back he accused me of not wanting to pay for the meal. After arguing for several minutes, he decided to refund my money and asking me not to write a bad review online. The worst place to eat, worst customer service, and the worst food EVER.

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