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Cuban Corner

Authentic Cuban restaurant offering cocktails and desert with museum-like decor. Managed by Jose and Isabel Read More
825 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
(301) 279-0310
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Cuban Corner


Ajiaco Criollo


cuban creole stew: this delicious stew is a union of fresh meats cut up in small pieces that stew with diverse root vegetables. served w/ rice.

Caldo Gallego


galican bean soup: this soup of beans and pork is a meal in itself. hearty and satisfying. served w/ rice.


Delicia Vegetariana


garden salad, boiled yuca root w/ garlic sauce, sweet ripe fried plantains, and rice w/ black beans.

El Favorito De Alina


yellow rice and black beans, fried yuca root and a garden salad.

Emparedado Vegetariano


a toasted baguette topped with mayo, lettuce, onions, green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and melted swiss cheese.

El Especial De Jessica


white rice, black beans and sweet ripe fried plantains

Numero 5


fried yuca root, rice and beans, and fried green plantains.

Vegetables Saltados


strips of red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions. potatoes, and carrots, sauteed with a touch of garlic and our very own cuban corner spices.


Pargo Frito


lightly breaded and fried fillet of fish. served w/ a wedge of lemon

Pargo Con Salsa Vinagreta


a red snapper fish fillet cooked w/ onions, green and red peppers in our special vinaigrette sauce.

Arroz Amarillo Con Masas De Pargo


yellow rice w/ chunks of red snapper.

Pargo Ala Parilla


seasoned red snapper fillet grilled with onions, red and green peppers.

Salmon Al Oriente


grilled salmon fillet marinated in dry white wine, oranges, lime juices, and spices topped with fried onions

Plajita Puerto Padre


tender flounder fillets crowned with crabmeat stuffing pan cooked in a crab and broccoli sauce.

Camarones A La Cubana


cuban style shrimp cooked with fresh tomatoes, capers, wine and a wonderful array of spices. this is our most requested shrimp dish.

Arroz Con Camarones


shrimp w/ yellow rice.

Camarones Al Ajillo


shrimp in garlic sauce.

Camarones Enchilados


shrimp creole – cooked herbs, spices, tomato sauce and wine.

Bacalao A La Vizcaina


basque style codfish. in this classsic spanishcuban recipe the codfish is cut in chunks and baked in a red sauce with an array of spices and potatoes.

Stuffed Flounder


tender flounder filets crowned w/ crabmeat stuffing, pan cooked in crab and broccoli sauce.


Cuban Submarine


slices of roasted pork, virginia ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. served on cuban bread that is pressed on a hot plate to perfection. this is our #1 seller.

Cuban “especial” Submarine


slices of roasted pork, virginia ham, swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and spanish sausage (chorizo).

Submarine “de Ropa Vieja”


“old rags” submarine: shredded flank steak cooked with tomato sauce, wine, spices.

Submarine “media Noche”


midnight submarine: slices of virginia ham, roasted pork, american cheese, mustard and pickles. served hot or cold on a soft roll.

Submarine “pan Con Bistec”


thinly sliced marinated steak grilled with onions. served with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and potato sticks.

Submarine Pan Con Lechon Asado


roasted pork submarine: marinated roasted pork grilled with onions. served on toasted cuban bread w/ mustard.

Submarine De Pechuga De Pollo


grilled chicken breast submarine: strips of seasoned chicken breast grilled to perfection! served w/ lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Submarine: Choripan


grilled spanish sausage submarine: grilled spanish sausage served with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and grilled onions.

Submarine Jose Reig


marinated shredded flank steak pan fried w/ onions and topped w/melted swiss cheese.

Submarine: “pan Con Croquetas De Jamon


ham croquettes submarine: three delicious ham croquettes served w/ lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Submarine: “juan Cabrera”


cuban style seasoned ground beef with melted american cheese.


Arroz Con Pollo


yellow rice and chicken for one.

Pollo A La Plancha


grilled skinless and boneless chicken breast. two cuban traditions meet here: grilling and exquisite seasoning.

Fricase De Pollo – Chix Fricase


skinless and boneless chicken breast cooked in tomato sauce w/wine, herbs, green olives and potato slices.

Milanese De Pollo


seasoned chicken breast fried to a golden brown. served w/ a wedge of lemon.

Pollo Rancho Luna


seasoned chicken breast fried to a golden brown. served w/ a wedge of lemon.


Filete Mignon A La Parilla


grilled medallions of marinated filet mignon tooped with fresh sauteed mushrooms, diced onions and freshly chopped parsley.

Carne Con Papas


this savory cuban style meat and potatoes stew is slowly cooked in tomato sauce with a wonderful array of spice

Picadillo A La Cubana


cuban style seasoned ground beef, cooked in tomato sauce w/green olives, raisins and spices.

Carne Salteada


seasoned and marinated strips of beef, sauteed w/ green peppers and onions.

Vaca Frita


this delicious boiled flank steak, literally meaning “fried cow”, is shredded into thin filaments. these in turn, are marinated and then pan fried w/ onions until crusty and crisp.

Bistec De Palomilla


cuban style steak. marinated top sirloin steak fried w/ onions.

Bistec Empanizado


seasoned breaded steak fried to a golden brown. served with a wedge of lemon.

Ropa Vieja – “old Rags”


this savory shredded flank stew gets that way because it is cooked until the meat falls apart, earning the cuban name “old rags”. cooked with tomato sauce, wine and spices. salbroso! and highly requested.

El Especial De Polo


cuban style seasoned ground beef served with white rice topped with two fried egg, sweet ripe fried platains and black beans.

Boliche Asado


this hearty eye of round roast is cooked until fork tender in a tangy red sauce.


Puerco Asado


fresh marinated pork roasted in the oven for several hours. served with our special sauce and raw onions. this is our traditional holicay dish and the specialty of the house.

Masitas De Puerco


fried marinated morsels of pork served with our special sauce and topped with raw onions.

Montuno Cubano


sensational cuban stir fried pork with onions, green olives and spanish pimentos.



moros y cristianos con chorizo. moors and christians w/ sausage. served w/ garlic bread, salad, and sweet ripe fried plantains.

Lomo De Puerco Mentirita


marinated pork loin is slowly cooked with a winesugar suace until fork tender

Chorizo A La Plancha


grilled spanish sausages w/ onions. served w/ yellow rice.

Arroz Amarillo Con Chorizo


yellow rice w/ spanish sausage

Arroz Amarillo Con Masitas De Puerco


yellow rice w/ morsels of pork.

El Nacional


yellow rice w/ pork, shrimp and chicken.


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