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Thu, Jul 2, 7:33 AM
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I've already contacted DC Police and plan to write a letter to the Chief.  Plan to also write a letter to Wash Post if Mayor doesn't respond.  Plan to send this out by tomorrow - what do you think?
Dear Mayor Bowser,
When will Landlord Tenant Courts open? Many tenants have paid little or no rent for the last several months.  Many also do not plan on ever paying rent at all and are waiting until they get evicted by their landlords. This prospect could take several months, perhaps even into next year.
I personally have two tenants in this situation. One case was originally scheduled for April of this year which has been postponed twice with no rescheduled court date.  Another tenant told me she does not intend to pay rent, and I will have to take her to court.  Meanwhile, she is conducting illegal activity (Prostitution), while my other two tenants in the same house are elderly and feel their lives are in danger.  Everyday customers visit the house to patronize her when residents should be sheltering in place.  The tenants who live on the main floor fear for their lives and also are afraid of catching COVID.
Pre-Covid, I had tried to evict this tenant earlier this year only to have the Courts dismiss the case 2 months later due to a simple typo.  From my personal experience over the last 15 years, there is so much red tape, the process is burdensome and very Landlord unfriendly.  What will the process be when the Courts finally reopen?
And finally, how do I pay the mortgage, when I could potentially be 6-12 months behind in rent payment. Yes, I can defer the mortgage, but I will eventually have to pay the lender back. Meanwhile the tenants can just walk away after eviction and not have to pay a dime.
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