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RUNINOs is a Search Engine for Restaurants, Stores and Retailers. On the site are several hundred locations spread across 30+ states. The site is an offspring of the original directory RUNINOut. RUNINOs helps market restaurants with menus, websites and blogs.

Blogs such as RUNINDC helps spread the word of places, events and specials.

18Runner is a storybook blog dealing with trucking and truck repairs along the Eastern Seaboard.

RUNINOS stands for 






The OS stands for Operating System

RUNIN Out is Researching your preferences and priorities. It means using Google, Social Media, reading the news and fully understanding your topic.

RUNIN Out is Understanding your choices across all Neighborhoods and Cuisines, even dishes you would never consider eating. It also means understanding the other persons point of view and as much as I reasonably can about a topic.  I love to learn background

RUNN Out is Negotiating your options to include other People, preferences, prices and Personality. I never just say No. I ask Why”  I ask a ton of relevant questions and I try to find a common ground that is Win Win

RUNIN Out is Innovating — leveraging the social network to make the smartest decision that would make your Mother proud.

Always try to use the innovative technology available to me (within budget and reach).  I believe in tapping all resources: Email, Blogs, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Phone, text, in person meeting  – so that we can come together and decide.

RUNIN Out is Networking –– sharing your ideas with others so that they can gain insight from your experiences. Then starting all over again…

N also stands for Navigating – Don’t wallow in indecision. After doing all of the above, I decide, realizing it may not be the best decision but it’s the best I can make at this time

RUNINOS partners with RUNINOut to provide geolocation and mapping with a WordPress based website