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Windsor Inn Crab House

Long time seafood restaurant famous for steamed crabs and salad bar. Also serves steak and pasta Read More
7207 Windsor Mill Rd, Windsor Mill, MD 21244, USA
(410) 944-0446
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Windsor Inn Crab House

Local Guide ・24 reviews
It’s a local spot amd for my 1st time being there it was surprisingly pretty good. Food was great and the servers we had were pretty Awesome. I’d check it out again.
James Traynham
Local Guide ・15 reviews
I took my lady out to dinner here and the food was amazing. The salad bar was very fresh. The server was ok. I don’t think she ever told us her name, but she was friendly, and for the most part, attentive. I’m sure I’ll be back.


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    • Robin

      Been going to this bar for over 30 years. I love this bar. BUT ——- New ownership is Weird. Never been in a bar where they make each bartender get and pack up their liquor per shift. People need to wait at shift change to get a drink if they want premium liquor until barmaid gets their bin. CRAZY. This is the one time I may want to change bars. I do want to say, however, they serve one of the BEST crabcakes in Baltimore. Maybe come to eat and not drink.


      Every time that I go there, the service is fantastic. The bar tenders never keep me waiting or look around as if they don’t see me. If they are busy, they say I will be right with you. The food has never disappointed me either. Their crab cakes are my favorite. The salad bar is always fresh.