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Windsor Dim Sum Cafe

Casual Cantonese restaurant serving dim sum a la carte in Boston Chinatown. Read More
10 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111, USA
(617) 338-1688
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Windsor Dim Sum Cafe

Local Guide ・81 reviews
The food was excellent! Most of the dishes were only a few dollars, so we were able to try a huge variety of options. The interior wasn’t anything fancy. The taste of the food was pretty authentic. I would highly recommend.

Rei Alexandra Aoyama
Local Guide ・229 reviews
Solid dim sum all day place. Possibly the best place for steamed fried chicken feet’s – at least it’s the best I had. A small place with about 10 tables. Very busy at lunch and dinner. You probably will have to share table with other groups. But at least you don’t sit shoulder to shoulder with others. Highly recommended

Ami Chang
Local Guide ・21 reviews
Winsor Cafe sells made to order dim sum and other round table Chinese dishes.  Come here for lunch or if you’re craving dim sum dishes, come after dark.

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