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King Wok’s

"Food is good and service is fast, and employees are friendly."
"When I got home, I realized they simply gave me a chicken chow mein platter."
"Best Chinese place in northeast Philly no doubt."
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5901 Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135, USA
(215) 288-0679
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King Wok’s

Address5901 Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135


11am – Midnight
Phone(215) 288-0679


With White Rice

Dragon and Phoenix

general tso’s chicken and hot spicy shrimp
  • For 2$9.80

Seafood Delights

shrimp, lobster, crab meat and scallops sauteed with snow peas, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and chinese vegetable
  • For 2$9.95

Happy Family

beef, chicken, roast pork, scallop and shrimp with broccoli and mixed vegetable
  • For 2$9.95

General Tso’s Chicken

fried chicken in house sauce
  • For 2$8.75

Four Seasons

shrimp, chicken, beef, roast pork, broccoli and mixed vegetable
  • For 2$9.85

Double Delight

shrimp and sea scallops sauteed with hearty vegetable in garlic sauce
  • For 2$9.45

Subgum Wonton

shrimp, chicken and roast pork with broccoli, mixed vegetable and crispy fried wonton
  • For 2$9.55

Triple Crown

shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with best mixed vegetable
  • For 2$9.25

Hot and Spicy Shrimp

jumbo shrimp with mixed vegetable in delightful sweet and spicy sauce
  • For 2$9.25

Triple with Garlic Sauce

fresh beef, chicken, pork and vegetable in delightful sweet and spicy sauce
  • For 2$9.25

Fried Almond Chicken

deep fried white meat chicken with almond on the side
  • For 2$7.95

Seven Stars Around the Moon

crab meat, chicken roast pork scallop and mixed vegetable served with seven jumbo shrimps
  • For 2$12.95

Scallops and Beef

scallops and beef with mixed vegetable
  • For 2$9.80

Hunan Delicacy

chicken, beef, shrimp, roast pork, crab meat and mixed vegetable
  • For 2$9.95

Mandarin Chicken

  • For 2$8.75

Sesame Shrimp

  • For 2$9.15

Teriyaki Chicken

  • For 2$8.75


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